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Tree Hugger

Ultra Low Coilover Lowering Kit by H&R®. H&R Ultra Low Coil Overs are for the over-the-top enthusiasts who want extreme lowering. We suggest they be installed only by tuners who are familiar with the dynamics of ultra-lowered vehicles—issues such as fitting smaller tires and wheels, possibly removing fender liners, trimming fender wells, negative camber, etc. may need to be addressed. This kit is designed for show vehicles; Please consult with your installer before purchasing.

Product Description

Universal Tree Hugger by Bubba Rope®. The Tree Hugger™, a perfect way to safely winch yourself out of some difficult situations. It is made from 3″ wide 100% polyester.



Expertly crafted from premium materials
Designed to match rigorous quality standards
High quality at a budget-friendly price
Made in the good ol’ USA
Specifications:Breaking Strength: 47,000 lbs.

Bubba Rope is here with excellent products that are available at a competitive price. The company does its utmost to provide the best possible solutions for your needs. All products by Bubba Rope are made with expert care and created by professionals to meet all your requirements. Bubba Rope does not accept compromises when it is going about quality, so you can be sure that all products have only first-rate quality. With many years of manufacturing experience, Bubba Rope is the name you can trust.

Bubba Rope® is famous for its outstanding off-road recovery rope which is the only snatch rope with a polymer coating. The applied coating ensures flexibility and reliable covering of the rope that protects it from harmful UV rays, water, and abrasion. In addition, the recovery rope stretches and actively uses its own kinetic energy to help get your stuck vehicle back on the road. With a Life Guard from Bubba Rope you will easily prolong the life of your recovery rope. The company also offers Tree Huggers of the highest quality.


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